Generator from 10kW to 40kW

Marine generating sets with Kohler engine and ADC IId controller, up to 10 kW.

Kohler marine generator sets with DEC 3500 controller.
Integrates control command and regulation of the group.
Optional paralleling functions.

Engine characteristics

KOHLER diesel engine
1500 rpm (50Hz) – 4 strokes – seawater/freshwater heat exchanger

Electrical Specifications

available powers: from 12 to 35 kW at 50Hz, from 14 to 40 kW at 60Hz
KOHLER synchronous generator
class H insulation
adjustable voltage
voltage regulation ± 1%
12 or 24V battery charge by 10A module, battery charge alternator for 20.5 – 28 and 35 kW models.

Standard equipment

aluminum soundproofing cocoon
digital controller DEC 3500
line circuit breaker (located in the cocoon)
consumables easily accessible from the front

DEC 3500 digital control

integrates control command and regulation of the unit
on/off-reset/auto control
rotary knob for access to the different menus
emergency stop
large, bright LCD screen
detailed display of the status and operating values ​​​​of the generating set: voltage, current, power any alarms and faults including motor diagnostics recording of history up to 1000 entries
CANbus SAE-J-1939 and NMEA2000 outputs
USB interface
paralleling and power management


starting voltage 12V or 24V
digital remote control
anti-siphon kit
bipolar insulation for metal hulls
paralleling (factory-fitted electronic governor and motorized circuit breaker) for models up to 20.5 kW

Additional information

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