Mini Compact Senior Duplex Watermaker

The Senior line is dedicated to large boats ranging from 30 to 70 meters. In the single and duplex versions, these can also be made according to the spaces on board.

The range of duplex models is recommended when it is necessary to install 2 watermakers. The advantage of having 2 systems in the same skid reduces bulk and simplifies installation. In the construction of these models we have taken into account the accessibility in case of normal or extraordinary maintenance and therefore all the most important operations are carried out from the front. It is possible to build the system with everything incorporated such as low pressure pumps, sand filters and a regeneration tank. Clearly this leads to more space but simplifies installation and everything remains more compact and aesthetically pleasing. The plants can operate separately or simultaneously.

Overall dimensions refer to standard models, but some models perform different configurations. On request, different dimensional drawings will be provided. 4 models in duplex configuration, 2 systems inserted in a single skid; All the following characteristics refer to 2 units in operation. Water production ranging from 500l/h to 1250l/h on 4 different models.

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