Mini Compact Junior Watermaker

The Mini Compact range is dedicated to boats from 12 to 30 meters equipped with a generator. Available in single and duplex versions to suit all spaces and capacities.

With a fresh water production ranging from 130 to 210 l/h, the MINI COMPACT VERTICAL (MCJ) series is specific for boats of size ranging from 15 to 30 meters, where intensive and continuous use is not always necessary. . Compact, in a decomposable version, the three watermakers in the series are common in terms of functionality, practicality and homogeneity of materials. One of the main characteristics that unites them is the use of 316L stainless steel: starting from small details such as screws and nuts, the entire frame is made of stainless steel which can be powder coated on request. with the RAL desired by the customer.

Depending on the spaces available, you can choose the compact horizontal version, the split horizontal version or the split vertical version.

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