New SOLAS update GMDSS Regulations in effect 1st January 2024 on Yachts

Déc 19, 2023

In accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1460/Rev.3, all VHF models for SOLAS vessels must comply with the latest ITU Radio Regulations which requires new channels and expanded TX frequency range up to 161.600 MHz from 161.475 MHz.

These changes do not affect the GMDSS but the use of other frequencies for VHF meteorological, navigational, and urgent marine information broadcasts, port operations, and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

According to the new regulation, starting from January 1st, 2024, during the first Radio Survey, all fixed VHFs on board must meet the requirements of Appendix 18 of the Radio Regulations, which includes the availability of 4-digit channels.

To comply with the new channeling scheme, marine VHF radiotelephones should be able to show 4-digit channel numbers. A lot of older models cannot be updated to display channel numbers in four digits.These models below needs replacing :

As a result of the prolonged global supply chain challenges, YACHTELEC anticipates that the delivery of new VHF radiotelephones may experience significant lead times. If your vessel’s radio survey is scheduled for the first half of the year, YACHTELEC suggests that you plan and take immediate action to avoid any inconvenience during your vessel’s radio survey in 2024.

We can supply or install your new VHF to ensure compliance :

The SAILOR 7222 VHF DSC Class A is the most advanced SAILOR radio for demanding users operating within the SOLAS maritime environment: